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Amanda D. Hackney
Headquarter Location - Houston, TX



2007 - 2010  Master of Science

Wildlife and Fisheries Biology

Clemson Univeristy, Clemson, SC


2000 - 2005 Bachelor of Science

Wildlife & Fisheries; Animal, Dairy, Poultry Science

Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA



2015-2016 Audubon Texas

Senior Coastal Conservation Biologist


2012-2015 Audubon Texas

Coastal Program Manager

2011-2012 Fort Worth Zoo

Education Project Coordinator

2007-2010 Clemson University

Graduate Teaching Assistant - Geographic Information Systems Lab

Graduate Teaching Assistant - Biology I & Biology of Plants


2006-2010 Eastern Shore of Virginia NWR

STEP Biology Technician

Biology Intern



USFWS Piping plover usage, habitat changes, and public influence of a newly acquired beach on Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge, $20,000


Galveston Bay Estuary Program, Mapping of intertidal oyster reef in West Galveston Bay, December 2017, $60,000 (sub-recipient)



National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Gulf Environmental Benefit Fund, Matagorda Bay Rookery Island, Feasibility Study and Alternatives Analysis, $250,000

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Direct Grant Award, TERN (Texas Estuarine Resource Network) Program Project, $45,000

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Direct Grant Award, Rollover Pass Rookery Protection and Restoration Project, September 2015, $60,000


Texas General Land Office Coastal Management Program, Grant Cycle 19 GIS Analysis and Modeling of Texas Rookery Island Erosion Risk along the GIWW, $120,848

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Coastal Program Agreement Award, Audubon Texas Coastal Stewardship Program,$50,000


Texas Parks and Wildlife Horned Lizard License Plate Fund, Waterbird Conservation Outreach and Signage on the Texas Coast, $25,000



2015- Treasure of the Bay Non-Profit Award, Texas Master Naturalists

2010- Douglas R. Phillips Award for Graduate Students in Forestry

2009- USFWS Star Award

2000-2004- LSU Nonresident Scholarship

2002-Gamma Sigma Delta Sophomore Scholarship Award of Merit



Geographic Information Systems:

             Analysis & Statistics

             Creation & Publication

             Education & Training

Statitstical Analysis

Technical Writing

Conservation Planning

Analysis of Coastal Systems

Habitat Management

Website Design and Management





Hackney, A.D., editor, 2016. Texas Coastal Colonial Waterbird Management Plan, in prep.

Hackney, A.D., Denmon, P.D., 2016. Spatial relationships between fledge success and habitat of American Oystercatchers on Fisherman Island National Wildlife Refuge, Virginia, USA, in prep.


Hackney, A.D., Mitchell, J.C., Denmon, P.D., 2014. Snake predation on American oystercatcher eggs on Fisherman Island, Virginia, Banisteria, Number 43, 101- 103.


Heath, S. A.; Hackney, A.D., 2013. Black Skimmers in Texas, Texas Birds Annual, Vol 9, 54- 57. 6/8/2016


Hackney, A.D., Baldwin, R.F., Jodice, P.G.R., 2013. Mapping risk for nest predation on a barrier island, Journal of Coastal Conservation. Vol 17, Issue 3, 615-621.


Hackney, A.D., Denmon, P.D., 2009. 2009 Summary of northern diamondback terrapin (Malaclemys terrapin terrapin) projects conducted on the Eastern Shore of Virginia and Fishermans Island National Wildlife Refuges, pp. 1-9. USFWS, Cape Charles, VA.


Hackney, A.D., Denmon, P., 2007. 2007 Diamondback terrapin nesting project, pp. 1-4. USFWS, Cape Charles, VA.

Professional Membership

  • The Waterbird Society

  • The Texas Chapter of the Wildlife Society

    • Membership Committee Chair 2017-2018

    • Finance Committee Chair 2018-2019, 2019-2020,  2020-2021

  • Society for Conservation GIS

  • American Oystercatcher Working Group

  • The Diamondback Terrrapin Working Group

  • The Texas Waterbird Society

  • The Atlantic Marine Bird Cooperative Seabirds Colonies and Adjacent Waters Working Group

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