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GIS Services

A sample of GIS services available:

  • Property/ Parcel maps for projects

  • Mapping of features for business/ property managers​

  • Interactive online Story Maps

  • Spatial analyses

    • Hotspot analysis​

    • Distance correlations

    • Multiple variable analyses

    • Logistic regression analyses

  • Plotting zip code or other spatially correlated data

  • Large scale land use map manipulation

  • Urban or other land use changes over time

  • And much more....

Explore an example of an online map interface.

We love maps at Black Cat.  Presenting an idea, a relationship between variables or just a site overview is an excellent way to connect with your audience.

Every map tells a story and we want to help you tell your tale.  From simple site location maps for publication to complicated spatial statistical analyses, Black Cat GIS can do it all.

We complete all projects using ESRI products and can convert any files for use in Google Earth and other platforms.

See your data spatially

Where are your key donors located?  How are your study subjects clustering in the field? Is there a pattern to your data?  Many questions to drive your research and business can be answered through spatial analyses.  We use ESRI products that have built in tools to complete a variety of statistical calculations. 

Working with statistical software already?  Black Cat can provide spatial data to include in your statistical tests, bringing a whole new set of variables to light.

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