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Help                            Marine Debris!

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What is STOP?


Stop stands for Study, Track, Remove and Prevent, which is the driving force behind the Texas Litter Database. The Texas Litter Database is a central state database that organizes all trash and marine debris data (locations, quantities, types, counts). The data are available to all users – either through viewing on the maps and graphs page, or through data downloads.

How do I STOP litter in Texas?

STOP surveys were designed to be easy and straightforward for volunteers. It doesn't requires expensive supplies (you just need a way to measure distance, datasheet, pencil, and a bag for trash), and most surveys can be done in around a half hour.


The Texas Litter Database has many online resources to help, or you can request a FREE training from Black Cat GIS for your group!


STOP is statewide!

You can complete the surveys anywhere in Texas and enter your data in the Texas Litter Database for use by researchers.

STOP is free!

Funded by the Garver, Black, Hilyard Family Foundation, the STOP Texas Litter Database is an essential step towards greater collaboration between organizations cleaning up litter and the organizations researching litter impacts, sources, pathways, and removal. 

Visit for more information on the program and to access the online Texas Litter Database!

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Contact Black Cat for training on STOP!

Available in person or online.

Preference for training type?

Thanks for your interest!We'll be in touch soon.


Educational Resources

Study, Track, remOve & Prevent: Using Hands On Litter Surveys to Teach the Scientific Method


This lesson will walk students through the scientific method. They will make observations, form a hypothesis, conduct an experiment, analyze results, and discuss their findings. Science TEKS addressed in the lesson are listed in Table 1.

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